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Last Updated: Tuesday, 24 August, 2004, 14:50 GMT 15:50 UK
BBC on Tour 2004: Haverfordwest
Black clouds over the tent
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Black clouds and rain did little to dampen the fun at BBC on Tour's visit to the Pembrokeshire County Show at Haverfordwest.
pDerek Brockway signs autographs
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BBC Wales weather presenter Derek Brockway had a busy few days meeting fans and signing autographs.
Jeremy Guscott and Jamie Owen help the presenters
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Former England rugby player and Radio 5 pundit Jeremy Guscott joined Wales Today's Jamie Owen to help the news and sports presenters.
Autocue machine in Welsh
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Radio and television bulletins were made in Welsh as well as English.
Visitors create their own stories with News Online
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Lots of visitors took the opportunity to create their own stories with the News and Sport Online team.
Two army representatives read the news
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The television set saw visitors from all professions try their hand at presenting.
Presenters arrive by horse and carriage
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BBC weather presenter Helen Willets and Radio 4's Peter Donaldson arrived in style for their special programme.
Presenters in Victorian gear
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They presented the last television bulletin of the day in classic style.


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