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In pictures: Kurt Cobain and Nirvana
Kurt Cobain
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Kurt Cobain was the brilliant young singer and songwriter with the US rock band Nirvana and his death 10 years ago on 5 April is remembered by his many fans as a huge loss to music.
US rock band Nirvana
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Nirvana came onto the US rock scene in the late 1980s. Cobain was joined by Dave Grohl (front) - who replaced the original drummer Dale Crover - and later by bass player Krist Novoselic (back).
Kurt Cobain
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By 1991, Nirvana had recorded their definitive angst-ridden album Nevermind and were being feted as the new heroes of disaffected youth.
Singer Courtney Love
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Hole singer Courtney Love met Cobain at a concert in 1991 and they married a year later in Hawaii.
Nirvana at the MTV Music Video Awards
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Nirvana found themselves leading the "grunge" movement and in 1993 won the MTV best alternative video award for In Bloom.
Kurt Cobain
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But despite his success, Cobain was a deeply troubled young man tormented by self-doubt, ill health and drug addiction.
Kurt Cobain's body is taken away by medical examiners
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On 1 April 1994, Cobain disappeared after leaving a rehab centre. A week later he was found dead, apparently after shooting himself.
Nirvana fans at a rally in 1994
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Cobain's fans held rallies and vigils to express their devastation over his death and many are marking its 10th anniversary in similar ways.
Fans sign messages on a huge poster of Cobain
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Fans gathered at a Virgin Megastore in London on Monday to mark the anniversary of the singer's death.



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