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Last Updated: Sunday, 22 August, 2004, 20:10 GMT 21:10 UK
In pictures: Bangladesh blasts
Bangladeshi opposition members in the capital, Dhaka
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Bangladeshi opposition members attended a funeral prayer for victims of Saturday's attack on a political rally in Dhaka.
Opposition activists in Dhaka, Bangladesh
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Opposition activists set fire to a tea stall in the capital as supporters clashed with police across Bangladesh.
Awami League supporter in grief after the blasts
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A day earlier a series of blasts, possibly caused by hand grenades, tore through a crowd at an Awami League Party rally in the city.
Grenade lies among abandoned shoes
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Nineteen people were killed and about 200 others were injured, some critically.
Injured victims taken away on a cart
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There were scenes of chaos as casualties were taken to hospital by any means available. Some were loaded onto carts...
Injured victim carried a tricycle rickshaw
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... while others were transported on tricycle rickshaws.
Sheikh Hasina
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The blasts happened as Awami Party leader Sheikh Hasina finished addressing the crowd. Ms Hasina was not hurt.

Blasts hit Bangladesh party rally
21 Aug 04  |  South Asia


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