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In pictures: Liberation of Paris
The road to Paris
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This week sees the 60th anniversary of the liberation of Paris in World War II. After D-Day it took the Allies more than two months to advance to the city's outskirts.
Fighting on the streets of Paris
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Allied commander Dwight Eisenhower did not relish a fight for Paris and wanted to bypass the city. But French General Charles de Gaulle had other ideas and ordered his forces to take the city, so the Americans followed.
Parisians man the barricades
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Parisians rose in revolt against their occupiers and helped disrupt the German defences to speed the Allied advance.
Parisians celebrate liberation
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Liberation! French civilians with their hastily made American and French flags sing the Star Spangled Banner as they greet US and Free French troops entering Paris on 25 August 1944.
US soldiers with German prisoners
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US soldiers celebrate the capture of Paris as they guard German prisoners of war by the Eiffel Tower.
Two women accused of collaboration
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For some the liberation meant humiliation. Suspected of collaborating with German soldiers under the occupation, these two women have their heads shaved and the Swastika sign painted on their foreheads.
General Charles de Gaulle leads a parade through the streets of Paris
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To stamp his authority on the leadership of France, General Charles de Gaulle organised a huge victory parade and led it through the streets of Paris.
Vehicles and troops from both French and US forces parade along the Champs Elysées
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It was not the end of the war but a major milestone. Despite more bitter fighting ahead, Germany was now in full retreat.


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