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Last Updated: Monday, 16 August, 2004, 12:05 GMT 13:05 UK
In pictures: Venezuela votes
Voters queue
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Venezuelans formed long queues to vote in a referendum on whether President Hugo Chavez should stay in office.
Queue outside polling station
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The wait was long for some, amid an extremely high turnout and some problems with electronic thumbprint machines.
Wayu women
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The vote attracted attendance from across the country, including women from the indigenous Wayu tribe.
Venezuelan embassy in New York
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Venezuelans living abroad were also invited to vote - like this woman at the country's embassy in New York.
Security check in Caracas
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Tight security was maintained with soldiers outside a polling booth searching both people and their belongings.
Hugo Chavez votes
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Hugo Chavez has seen off previous attempts to oust him - in a short-lived coup as well as referendums.
Opposition leader Enrique Mendoza votes
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The opposition, led by Enrique Mendoza, accuse Mr Chavez of authoritarianism and economic mismanagement.
Chavez supporters outside the presidential palace
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Jubilant Chavez supporters gathered outside Miraflores presidential palace once the results were announced.
Hugo Chavez
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President Chavez appeared on the balcony and sang to his followers.
Opposition supporters watch results on television
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But disappointed opposition members rejected the result, claiming fraud.

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