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In pictures: Rwanda - the survivors
 Amin Nirere (L) and Furaha Nyankowba (R) (Pic: Simon Roberts)
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Amin Nirere and Furaha Nyankowba - who are now 12 years old and classmates at Kanzenze school - were orphaned as a result of the genocide. Furaha is responsible for looking after her younger brothers. (Photos: Simon Roberts)
Muhorakeye (Pic: Simon Roberts)
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Out of 1,357 students at Kanzenze school, 378 are orphans. Muhorakeye - whose name means "always happy" - lost her father in the genocide.
Marie-Chantali Wingarire (Pic: Simon Roberts)
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Sixteen-year-old Marie-Chantali Wingarire was one of 10 children, but now there are only two. Three brothers were killed in 1994 and another five died in 1997 during attacks by insurgents.
Anne-Marie Mukamara (Pic: Simon Roberts)
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Anne-Marie Mukamara lost her husband and one-year-old son in the 1994 genocide. She was then gang-raped by an extremist Hutu militia - known as Interahamwe - over the course of a month and as a result became infected with Aids.
Emmanuel Murangira (Pic: Simon Roberts)
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Emmanuel Murangira's wife and five children were killed at the Murambi school, where 40,000 were massacred. He survived by hiding under a pile of corpses.
Vestine Ndikuryayo (Pic: Simon Roberts)
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Vestine Ndikuryayo also survived the Murambi massacre - one of only a handful in the town.
Innocence Gisanura (Pic: Simon Roberts)
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Innocence Gisanura also narrowly escaped death from Hutu militia. He is left with scars across his head as a constant reminder.

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