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In pictures: Tension in Kosovo
Young ethnic Albanian girl walks under monastery hallway with slogan
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Kosovo remains tense after clashes between ethnic Albanians and Serbs - here a girl walks under a slogan daubed on a ransacked Serb monastery saying "Death to Serbs".
Armed UN police officer watches from tank turret in city of Mitrovica
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The Kosovo town of Mitrovica - where much of the violence was centred - is under heavy guard by UN police and Nato-led peacekeepers...
French Nato peacekeepers guard bridge over the River Ibar in Mitrovica behind razor wire
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... who have blocked the town's bridges with armoured cars and razor wire.
UN police officer guards Serbian family as they evacuate their home in Mitrovica
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UN police had to guard Serb families fleeing the violence...
UN police officers carry disabled Serb man from his home in Mitrovica
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... this disabled elderly Serbian man had to be carried from his home...
Group of displaced Kosovo Serbs await help from peacekeepers to return to their homes in central Kosovo
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... while others who were stranded in the troubled town during the violence wait for peacekeepers to escort them back to their homes in central Kosovo.
Two young Serbs flash a three fingered victory salute during
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Meanwhile, in Belgrade, thousands of Serbs marched in solidarity with their kin in Kosovo - these two men are displaying the three-fingered Serbian victory sign.

In Pictures: Mitrovica clashes
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