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In pictures: Sporting hero
Photo: Neil Leifer
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The legendary Neil Leifer archive of Muhammad Ali photographs goes on show for the first time in Europe in a stunning tribute to one of the world's most popular icons.
Photo: Neil Leifer
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Featuring over 90 images, including many which have never been published before, Muhammad Ali is the first exhibition of Leifer's work solely devoted to this sporting hero.
Photo: Neil Leifer
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Having photographed Ali in 35 fights and 35 studio shoots over the last 40 years for publications such as Sports Illustrated and Time, Leifer has been in a unique position to capture both the private and the personal moments of this people's hero.
Photo: Neil Leifer
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Included are the iconic pictures of Muhammad Ali standing over a defeated Sonny Liston in 1965...
Photo: Neil Leifer
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...and the memorable overhead shot of Ali vs. Cleveland Williams in 1966.
Photo: Neil Leifer
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Leifer says "I was always surprised by how generous Ali was with his time. At the beginning of each sessions he'd say 'you took too much time last time, you've got twenty minutes', but two hours later he would still be suggesting poses."
Photo: Neil Leifer
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Muhammad Ali by Neil Leifer opens at London's Proud Galleries 12 March and can be seen until the end of April. (Photos: Neil Leifer)


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