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Last Updated: Thursday, 11 March, 2004, 22:38 GMT
In pictures: Madrid blasts
Wrecked train at Atocha railway station
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Powerful explosions tore through packed trains during the morning rush hour.
Rescue workers cover a body alongside a bomb damaged carriage
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The force of the blasts blew carriages apart.
Rescue workers line up bodies beside a bomb damaged passenger train at Atocha station
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The death toll has been rising all day as more bodies are recovered.
Casualty helped from scene of blast
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There was chaos as confused and dazed victims were helped from the scene.
Bomb victim with mobile phone on pavement
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For many of the survivors, the first reaction was to call loved ones.
Paramedics aid an injured man outside Atocha railway station
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Spanish officials said there had been no warning before the blasts.
People crowd around a bus to donate blood
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There was a massive response to hospital appeals for people to give blood.
Police securing area near Atocha station
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Security forces sealed off the area as rescue work continued.


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