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Two decades since the Berlin Wall came down, BBC Mundo looks at walls and barriers around the world which are still standing - or have been put up - since 1989.


West Bank

Israel says the West Bank barrier is essential to protect itself from attack but to the Palestinians, it is an "apartheid wall".


Northern Ireland peace wall

Designed as a temporary measure to keep fighting Protestant and Catholic communities apart, many "peace walls" are stills standing.


Barrier at Saudi border

The most powerful economy in the Gulf is building one of the longest, most high-tech security fences in the world, at a cost of $3bn.


Melilla border security

Residents of Spain's north African enclaves live behind towering fences, designed to keep out would-be illegal migrants trying to reach Europe.


Border barrier, Nicossia, Cyprus

Built after the 1974 war, the no-man's land between Greek and Turkish Cypriots on the island remains under UN control.


Pakistan-Iran border

Baluchistani communities are divided by Iran's barrier on its border with Pakistan, intended to keep out smugglers and migrants.


Walls around a favela in Rio de Janiero, Brazil

Brazil says the walls are to protect the forest from growing shanty towns, but critics say they are an attempt to hem in the city's poor.


Guards patrol the US-Mexico border

The US spends millions of dollars on a vast fence and surveillance operation along its southern border to try to keep illegal migrants out.


Man at the India-Pakistan border fence

The mined and heavily guarded border between India and Pakistan is one of the most volatile frontier regions on the planet.


Border between North and South Korea

The heavily guarded "De-militarized Zone" (DMZ) between North and South Korea remains a symbol of Cold War on the peninsula.


Sahrwari independence supporter in Western Sahara

Morocco's wall of sand in the Sahara desert is an attempt to keep out the Sahrwari people, who also claim the territory as their own.


Border fence between Botswana and Zimbabwe

Botswana's hopes the extensive fence will protect its valuable livestock from disease, but Zimbabwe says its real purpose is to keep people out.


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