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Last Updated: Thursday, 12 July 2007, 17:12 GMT 18:12 UK
Iranian students watch themselves on BBC TV
Students in Iran, the UK and the US linked up to share their experiences and opinions. Read about this and other debates that took place on 6 December, 2006.

Nour, schoolgirl in London Connecting kids
School Day 24 gets children talking all around the world
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Special report: How do under-18s see the world?
Schoolgirls from eastern Sri Lanka Sri Lanka
Tamil and Sinhala students link up with children in Colombo

Mexican student Mexico-US
Pupils in a small town in Mexico talk to kids in Chicago

Schoolchildren in Croydon, UK Nigeria-UK
Students in Abuja and London explore the reality of modern life

Pyi, Thailand Burmese abroad
Refugees in Thailand and India on education in foreign lands

Abidjan student Ivory Coast
Children talk about life in conflict-hit country

Albanian student Macedonia
Pupils at shared school in Skopje on ethnic and religious divide

Students at a school in Ramallah Israel-West Bank
Students in Jerusalem and Ramallah on prospects for peace

Delhi schoolgirl India-Tanzania-UK
Students in three countries talk about terrorism

Serbian students Mitrovica schools
Students in ethnically divided town talk about different lives

Student from Kayole Primary, Kenya Kenya-Tanzania
Orphaned children talk with those who have parents in East Africa

Students at link-up in Lahore India-Pakistan
Children share views on the relationship between their nations

Students at the link-up Urban-rural China
Students at three schools talk about what matters most

Hibatoallah Iraq-UK
Students in Baghdad and London share views on Iraq

Tanzanian student UK-Tanzania
Schoolchildren in the two countries compare notes about exams

Triven, Malaysia Malaysia-UK
Schoolchildren link up to talk science

Indonesian student Indonesia
Students at three schools discuss religion in daily life

Student Russia-Georgia
Schoolchildren in Moscow and Tbilisi on politics and culture

Nidaa, Baghdad


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