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Thursday, 24 October, 2002, 13:08 GMT 14:08 UK
It's farewell to Newslog from your host Nick Robinson, as he sets off for pastures news.

Thursday 24 October

Cheerio everyone
posted by Nick | 0900BST | Add comment
So farewell then, Newslog. I have not tired of you, but sadly the time has come for me to go elsewhere.

Rather like Tony Benn, who was my last interviewee for the BBC, I'm not leaving politics but merely moving on to another stage - in my case to ITN to fill the rather large shoes of John Sergeant (and of course Michael Brunson, the man who really invented the role of the modern TV political editor).

I'll miss my jottings and half-thoughts, and the fabulous response that Newslog has produced - much more than the comments one gets simply by appearing on the box, and almost always more astute .

(Crucial to this has been the man who you never see, Giles, who inspired the idea and will no doubt keep it going in some form.)

There will be plenty more to talk about and ponder, both for me and here on BBC News Online. Just one last thought for you as we head to what appears to be a series of damaging strikes.

My favourite test of whether someone is really "New Labour" in their hearts is to ask them (when no-one's listening of course) if Margaret Thatcher was right to defeat the miners.

The true New Labourite - and there aren't that many - will confess that without that happening, the Blairite project would never have been born.

That's what they're getting at when they talk of these strikes being "Scargillite".

Thanks for reading.

Some of your comments so far:

A sad loss. I met Nick some years ago when I first moved to Prestbury and you couldn't hope to meet a nicer chap. Good luck Nick!
Stuart Pond, England

Nick, over the last few years, your coverage of the conferences has been superb and at other times you've guided me (us) through some of the political dramas with energy, enthusiasm, erudition and a clear love for the job that has fired up my own interest in politics no-end.
Peter Kyle, England

I can't believe you're leaving the BBC!! Come back to FiveLive please, you are what sparked my interest in politics.
Tom, UK

Farewell and good luck. I will miss your "jottings and half thoughts". In a world of bland media coverage of politics they brought a little life and personality. Keep up the good work at ITN.
Louise, Scotland

Bye guy, I've enjoyed you, all the way from Pensacola, Florida, via the computer! Good luck, you will be missed.
Barbara A, USA

I shall miss your most entertaining and perceptive jottings, but shall look forward to seeing you on the box. I trust you will be able to be as honest with your viewers as you have been with us readers.
Nick Munton, UK

Do keep Newslog going in some form if you possibly can, its been great fun to read over the last couple of years.
William Turrell, Kent, UK

Cheerio and good luck. I've lurked around here and enjoyed the blog.
Mark, UK

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