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banner Tuesday, 2 October, 2001, 17:12 GMT 18:12 UK
Delegate views on Blair
Tony Blair
Mr Blair's speech went down well with delegates
Labour Party delegates pronounce Tony Blair's conference speech as "brilliant" although concerns remain about the future of public services.

But the issue that was uppermost in everybody's mind was the international crisis and the prime minister's comments about the Taleban.

Roger Bellham
Mr Belham thought it was a "sensible socialist speech"
Roger Bellham from Lowestoft pronounced Mr Blair's speech as "one of the best he's ever made".

"He kept the party together at a very, very difficult time.

"He included the problems we've got with Afghanistan and he included the problems we've got locally particularly with transport and the private/public sector.

"It was a sensible socialist speech."

Emma Upton
The teacher was focusing on the public service aspect
Teacher Emma Upton from Rochester was mainly listening for reassurance about the future of schools, hospitals and the rest of the public sector.

"I am slightly sceptical. I just hope everything comes true and the money he promises gets put in," she said.

Jared Hetherington
Mr Hetherington is not a fan of the prime minister's
Jared Hetherington from Kemp Town said that although he was not a great fan of Mr Blair he was "quite impressed" not least because part of the speech focused on domestic issues.

"I thought he would say more about the crisis to be quite honest. He wasn't very specific about what he was going to do."

Alex Casale from Wood Green in north London declared that Mr Blair's speech was "brilliant".

Alex Casale
Ms Casale thought that good things could come out of adversity
"He said what I hoped he would say. He has got so many countries to come on board in this crisis.

"I am not worried at all and I hope this new alliance can be used in the fight against poverty."

Ibrahim Suma from Edmonton said he thought the speech was "excellent" and pronounced Mr Blair as "one of the greatest prime ministers.

"The British should be very proud of him".

Ibrahim Suma
Pleased with Mr Blair's references to Africa
Mr Suma said he was particularly pleased that African nations were mentioned during the speech.

"I am from Sierra Leone and I am very proud of what he has done in my country and we hope he continues doing that."

Councillor Mohammed Nasim from Walthamstow was also delighted by the speech although he felt that helping the victims of the Taleban regime in Afghanistan should be a key part of any battle plan.

Mohammed Nasim
Coun Nasim admired the PM's determination
"The prime minister made it clear that we will not tolerate terrorism in any part of the world - we want to rid this world of terrorism and in that he made it clear that we would go to any length to eliminate terrorism."

Coun Nasim also said that Mr Blair's speech showed that there was immense sympathy in the Labour movement with the people of Afghanistan who were deprived not only of food but of the basic economic means to make a living.

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