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banner Thursday, 21 September, 2000, 09:45 GMT 10:45 UK
Conference agenda
SNP conference agenda
The party will go on to an election footing at conference
This will be a milestone annual conference for the Scottish National Party in Inverness and the highlights will undoubtedly be the elections for national convener, deputy leader and other office bearers.

The conference will also see the launch of the party's campaign for the general election next year and debates on a series of issues, ranging from Europe, fuel duty and poverty to health, fisheries and national heritage.

The conference runs from 20-23 September at the Eden Court Theatre in Inverness.


23 September: Election of new national convener, deputy leader and other senior office bearers.

Closing speech by outgoing national convener Alex Salmond.

22 September: Speech by Alex Salmond.

Hustings with leadership contenders.

20 September:

Conference opens at 1330 BST.

Resolutions include: salmon; common fisheries policy; state of Scotland's beaches and landfill tax. The resolution on agriculture includes a demand for early entry into the Euro.

21 September

Conference starts at 0930 BST.

Resolutions include: children's toys; national heritage; built heritage, including battlefields; foreign exchange.

Resolution on the SNP's commitment to a confederal Euriope, with Scotland as a full member state.

A further resolution urges support for use of Scots and Gaelic languages in public signs.

Topical and emergency resolutions

1400 BST: Address by Margaret Ewing, chair of Scottish Parliamentary Group.

1430 BST: Resolutions include: housing; council debt; anti-poverty; disability and rough sleepers.

1700 BST: Private session with constitutional amendments and party business.

22 September

Conference starts at 0930 BST.

Resolutions include: The elderly, with a demand for a series of spending pledges on pensions; shortage of doctors; drug detoxification and welfare reform.

1400 BST: Emergency resolutions and Westminster campaign presentation

1430 BST: Address by Alex Salmond.

1500 BST: Resolutions include: refugee vouchers; EU fraud; conviction rates in rape cases; fuel duty; the East Coast Main Line and road safety.

1700 BST: Private session - reports by national office bearers.

23 September

0945 BST: Private session - delegates cast their votes for national office bearers, including party leader.

1000 BST:Open session.

Resolutions include: council cash cuts and a demand for local income tax; social work services - including a demand for a series of spending pledges; proportional representation in local government - including a debate over the system to be used.

1130 BST: Address by a representative from Plaid Cymru.

1145 BST: Financial appeal.

1200 BST: Announcement of election results - including that for party leader.

1210 BST: Close of session.

1400 BST: Resolutions include: classroom behaviour; the "quango state"; audit of public appointments.

1500 BST: Address by Winnie Ewing, party president.

1600 BST: Summing up speech by Alex Salmond.


Conference fringe highlights

21 September

1230 BST: Alex Neil speaks on Future of Independence Movement in the Haughdale Hotel.

1230 BST: Sunday Times Lecture by suspendef treasurer Ian Blackford in the Eden Court Restaurant.

1230 BST: SNP and USA question session in the Eden Court Cinema.

1800 BST: Kerley Report on reform/proportional representation in local government. Richard Kerley speaks in the Caledonian Hotel.

1900 BST: Alex Salmond speaks at Challenge for Independence fundraising event in the Haughdale Hotel.

1900 BST: Young Scots for Independence hustings in the Maple Court Hotel

22 September

1230 BST: Leaderhip candidate John Swinney speaks at a higher education meeting in the Haughdale Hotel

1800 BST: European Movement (panel of speakers, including MEPs) in the Palace Hotel.

1800 BST: Cosla reception in the Eden Court Marquee cafe.

1900 BST: Young Scots for Independence elections.

1930 BST: Diplomats reception in the Caledonian Hotel.

23 September

1245 BST: Donaldson Lecture given by Alex Salmond in the Eden Court Theatre.

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