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Sunday, 19 August, 2001, 08:46 GMT 09:46 UK
Summer news - 13 to 19 August

Hi, I'm Jeremy Bowen, and welcome to Summer News - a digest of the essentials of what's happening while you're on holiday - all on one page, quick to read and simple to print-off.

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Saturday 18 August

Seventy people have died in a fire which swept through a hotel in the Philippines. Investigators suspect a short circuit in a stockroom set off the blaze in Manila.
Bolton's Per Frandsen scores the fifth goal of the match
Bolton Wanderers pulled off a stunning 5-0 win at Leicester as the Premiership started with a bang

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A car bomb has exploded outside a busy hotel in Spain's Costa Dorada. Tourists have been warned to be vigilant after the incident, in which 13 people were injured.
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William Hague has endorsed Iain Duncan Smith as his successor as Tory leader, because he fears Kenneth Clarke could split the party over Europe.
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Foot-and-mouth disease has continued longer than expected in the UK because strict movement restrictions and hygiene rules have been breached, say experts
Two suspected asylum seekers have been picked up in the English Channel while trying to sail through dense fog in an inflatable dinghy.
Tickets for a series of concerts to mark the 10th anniversary of rock band Oasis have sold out in an hour

Friday 17 August

Police investigating the disappearance of missing Essex schoolgirl Danielle Jones have arrested one of her uncles on suspicion of her murder. Stuart Campbell, a 43-year-old builder from Grays, was taken to Harlow police station for questioning.
Penguin Nils Olav
A penguin at a Scottish zoo becomes the first honourable regimental sergeant major in the Norwegian Army

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RUC chief constable Sir Ronnie Flanagan has rejected allegations that police in Northern Ireland knew about an imminent bomb attack just before the Omagh blast and failed to act on it as "absolutely preposterous".
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Police have said that oxygen pipes used to treat hospital patients may have been deliberately tampered with. Officers from the Essex force announced they were now studying a total of four cases in which pipes were blocked.
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Impostor Karl Power switches from football to cricket, appearing on the pitch at Headingley
Media mogul Elisabeth Murdoch and PR boss Matthew Freud have married in what was billed as the media wedding of the year
An overcooked baked potato has caused a fire alert at London's Royal Opera House, forcing 2,000 ballet fans to be evacuated

Thursday 16 August

Paul Burrell, the trusted butler of Princess Diana, has strongly denied accusations that he stole hundreds of her personal possessions. He has been charged with three counts of theft and is due to appear in court on Friday morning.

The world's tiniest sculpture - one tenth the width of a human hair, made at Japan's Osaka University

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Girls have come out as the big success story in the A and AS level results, extending their lead over boys. Overall the figures showed an improvement in grades for the 18th year running; just under 90% of papers have been awarded grades A to E.
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Lady Archer has used her first interview since her husband's conviction for perjury to denounce allegations that he misused millions of pounds raised for Iraqi Kurds 10 years ago. She said a prison regime was "rather a good one for a writer".
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The Football League has rejected Wimbledon's bid to move to a new home in Milton Keynes
St James's Palace has denied newspaper reports that the Queen has "grudgingly" given approval to Prince Charles marrying Camilla Parker-Bowles
Australia reach 288-4 at the end of the first day of the fourth Test at Headingley

Wednesday 15 August

A 400-strong deployment of British Nato troops are being sent to Macedonia to oversee the handover of weapons by the ethnic Albanian rebels. A larger multi-national force is likely to follow.
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Lord Archer has appealed against his conviction for perjury and perverting the course of justice. He has also appealed against his four-year sentence.
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Unemployment in the UK has fallen to its lowest level since 1975. The total now stands at just over 950,000.
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Police have searched Michael Barrymore's house for a second time
A report suggests that pension funds of some of the largest companies might be short by millions of pounds
England lost 2-0 to Holland in a friendly at White Hart Lane.

Tuesday 14 August

The IRA has withdrawn its offer to decommission weapons. The move came in the wake of the UK government's decision at the weekend to briefly suspended Northern Ireland's power-sharing assembly.
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Cruise and Cruz at LA premiere for Captain Corelli's Mandolin
A week after divorcing Nicole Kidman, Tom Cruise steps out with actress Penelope Cruz
Thirteen years after the Camelford water poisoning episode the government has announced an inquiry that will look at the long-term health effects. Thousands of people in Cornwall were affected when aluminium sulphate got into the Camelford treatment works in 1988.
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English will become the dominant language of the European Union under new plans, protested Germany and France. They believe a proposal by European Commissioner Neil Kinnock to save money on translation costs would restrict some documents to the language they were originally written in.
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Baby milk manufacturer SMA Nutrition is recalling tins of its infant formula milk after finding two of its brands contain the bacterium which causes botulism
Neil Hamilton has accused Scotland Yard of conducting a "campaign of disinformation" against him after he faced sexual assault allegations
Hollywood stars Helena Bonham Carter and Mark Wahlberg turned out for the London premiere of Planet of the Apes

Monday 13 August

A 20-year-old woman from Merseyside, Rachel Forber, who suffers from the human form of mad cow disease, vCJD, has shown "remarkable improvement" after being given a revolutionary treatment in America.
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Al Gore plus beard
Former US Vice President Al Gore reveals his new look
Three men who are suspected of being members of the IRA have been arrested in Colombia. It's thought they were in contact with a guerrilla group there.
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The number of speed cameras on British roads is expected to soar in the next few weeks, as trial cameras in eight counties have led to a marked reduction in accidents.
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Tony and Cherie Blair will not be going on holiday with EasyJet after all - they're going by Dublin-based rival Ryanair
Rail union leader Jimmy Knapp has died, aged 60
The BBC is making an updated version of Auf Wiedersehen Pet, 15 years after the original, with the original cast members.

Sunday 12 August

The Northern Ireland Secretary, Dr John Reid, said a peace deal was "tantalisingly close". But Sinn Fein said the suspension of devolution could be counterproductive.
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A missed baton handover in the 4x100m at Edmonton caps a miserable championship for the GB team

At least fifteen people were injured in another suicide bomb attack in Israel. The militant Palestinian group, Islamic Jihad, said it was responsible.
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The former Tory minister, Neil Hamilton, condemned the sex allegations against him as "disgusting and grotesque". He asked why the police had arrested him and his wife before having heard their side of the story. And he described the couple's treatment as a "public scandal".
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French coastguards gave up on finding a Swiss swimmer who had been trying to swim the Channel
Liverpool won the Charity Shield, the curtain-raiser for the English football season
The first osprey chick to be born in the wild in Britain for more than 150 years has taken its first flight.

Saturday 11 August

Neil and Christine Hamilton strongly denied allegations they took part in a sexual assault. They said the claims were "appalling" and "nonsense".
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A man attempting a bank robbery in Paris killed three people and wounded several others.
Helen Beasley says the couple wanted her to have an abortion because she is carrying twins
A British surrogate mother is suing a US couple after they allegedly backed down on the deal
The man, dressed as a woman, shot his way out of the bank before seizing a nearby car and making his escape.
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A fourth child from Newport in Wales was diagnosed as suffering from typhoid fever. Three teenagers in the area have already been confirmed with the disease.
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The devolved Northern Ireland Assembly was restored after a 24-hour suspension
The space shuttle Discovery took off from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida
The English football league season kicked off - the Premiership starts next week

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The song got it right, Copenhagen is wonderful. There could not be much more of a difference between Copenhagen and London. Copenhagen is unbelievably clean, has lovely friendly people (who don't think you are going to steal their watch when you ask them the time), good public transport and a lovely atmosphere. Its just a short boat or train ride from Sweden. The Danes seem to speak better English than the British. Beautiful beaches are just outside the city centre. All in all the phrase Wonderful Copenhagen sums the place up nicely.
From Alan Revel, Denmark, 6 August 2001

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