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Page last updated at 14:52 GMT, Monday, 3 November 2008

BBC News Online looks at the slowing house price trend and the possibility of sharper falls to come.
BBC News takes a closer look at the extent and origins of the cash crisis afflicting the UK pensions industry.
BBC News Online analyses why an Africa Action Plan filled with promising schemes has received only a lukewarm response from some observers.

BBC News Online presents a picture gallery illustrating the history of free trade and the events leading to the development of the World Trade Organisation.
Derivative trading sounds horrendously complex and risky. BBC News Online offers you an overview of the basics.
Share analysts provide grist for the City mill, yet buy on their say-so at your peril, as BBC News Online explains.

Big movements in the oil price have significant ramifications around the world. BBC News Online takes a closer look at how oil markets actually work.
Your long-awaited holiday could turn into an expensive disaster if you don't have the right travel insurance. BBC News Online offers some guidance.
Where can you find a career adviser in your area, track down the best jobs and improve you basic skills - and cheaply?


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