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banner Saturday, 11 March, 2000, 18:43 GMT
Budget Quiz
Budget 2000Many thanks to the hundreds of you who entered the competition. The correct answers are in bold below.

Only four people answered all 10 questions correctly, and the entrant who came closest to estimating the length of the speech (51 minutes) was Clare Thorpe. She will receive her prize of a set of House of Commons coffee cups and saucers shortly.

 1. Who delivered the shortest Budget on record? (Not including this year.)
a) William Gladstone
b) Benjamin Disraeli
c) Ward Hunt
 2. Who made the current Budget box?
a) Unemployed people at a retraining centre in Newcastle
b) The Royal luggage-makers in Windsor
c) Trainees at a dockyard in Fife
 3. In his pre-Budget report of 1999, how much debt did the Chancellor forecast would be repaid in 1999-2000?
a) 3.0bn
b) 3.5bn
c) 4.0bn
 4. In 1999, Mr Brown introduced a new starting rate of income tax of 10p. What did he do to the next highest band, starting from the year 2000?
a) Raise it to 22p
b) Leave it at 22p
c) Cut it to 22p
 5. Who was the last 20th century Chancellor to become Prime Minister without an interval inbetween?
a) John Major
b) Harold Macmillan
c) Neville Chamberlain
 6. In the 1990s, who delivered "The Budget of a Responsible Government"?
a) John Major
b) Kenneth Clarke
c) Gordon Brown
 7. While Gordon Brown delivered his 1999 Budget, Tony Blair sat on his left. Who sat to the Chancellor's right?
a) Education Secretary David Blunkett
b) Chief Secretary to the Treasury Andrew Smith
c) Home Secretary Jack Straw
 8. In delivering last year's Budget, how many times did Gordon Brown use the words "prudent" or "prudence"?
a) 8
b) 9
c) 10
 9. In the same speech, did Mr Brown use the word "fiscal" fewer, the same or more times?
a) Fewer
b) Same
c) More
10. How many page views did BBC News Online serve last Budget Day, 9 March, 1999?
a) 2.3m
b) 2.5m
c) 2.7m
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