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Tyson Saturday, 24 June, 2000, 21:14 GMT 22:14 UK
Tyson tickets still up for grabs
Tyson met Ken Buchanan at the weigh-in
Mike Tyson has arrived for his controversial fight in Glasgow with thousands of tickets yet to be sold.

The convicted rapist squares up to Lou Savarese in a specially constructed boxing ring at Hampden Park on Saturday evening.

The capacity of Scotland's national stadium was increased to 60,000 for the fight, but has since been cut back to 51,800 after it was disclosed that only about 40,000 tickets had been sold.

Tyson arrived at 2130 BST for the 2300BST bout in a metallic green Mercedes. But speculation was rife about the whereabouts of promoter Frank Warren.
Lou Savarese refuses to be intimidated
It has been widely reported that there has been a falling-out between Warren and Tyson.

When asked whether the promoter had arrived in Glasgow, a spokesman for the organisers said: "Not at the moment but he could come later. But I can't confirm that at the moment."

The sporting event has attracted condemnation from women's groups and politicians who claim Tyson should not have been granted a visa to enter the UK.

The Glasgow-based Rape Crisis Centre, which failed in a legal bid earlier this month to overturn Home Secretary Jack Straw's decision to allow Tyson into the country, held a protest outside the venue.

Centre development officer Sandy Brindley said: "We're here to show our concern and continuing anger over Jack Straw's decision and to emphasise that a convicted rapist is not a good role model for young people.

"We are encouraged by the fact there have been poor ticket sales and this shows there's a lot of people who share our convictions about the unacceptability of violence against women."

Celebrity fight-goers

Celebrities expected to attend the fight included rock star Rod Stewart, ex-boxer Frank Bruno and actress Pamela Anderson's husband Tommy Lee, drummer with rock band Motley Crue.

The event has not generated the predicted bonanza for Glasgow businesses, though the city's Chamber of Commerce still hopes for around 5m.
Frank Warren
Frank Warren: It is unclear whether he will attend
Deputy chief executive Douglas Millar said: "Glasgow Chamber of Commerce is slightly disappointed, however, that going on the information available at the moment, interest in the fight doesn't appear to be as great as occurred when Mike Tyson fought in Manchester."

Bookmakers are not seeing the same degree of interest for the Tyson fight, compared with other sporting events.

Ladbrokes spokesman, Sean Boyce, said: "It's been pretty low key. There's not real British interest other than the fact its being held in Glasgow and there's no title at stake.

"If you compare it with Euro 2000, which will be our biggest event we've seen, there's not the level of interest. When there's something at stake that's when you see the big punters coming out."

Good shape

On Friday both fighters weighed in with Tyson surprising onlookers with his trim physique - there had been speculation his training has been disrupted and that he was not fully fit.

But at 15st 12lbs he is in good shape and significantly lighter than Savarese who was just over 17st.

However, Savarese believes Tyson may have been unsettled by some of the controversy surrounding the fight.

Savarese even boldly insisted of Tyson: "He's no legend."

Savarese said: "Just look at the way he behaves - I don't consider Mike Tyson a legend by any means.

Poor build-up for Tyson

"I'm not worried. He's a man. He's got two arms and two legs, just like me. I certainly don't consider Mike Tyson to be the greatest."

Aside from the protests about the fight Tyson's own build up has been less than smooth.

He has been deeply affected by the sudden deathof his close friend Darryl Baum.

Comparisons are being made with Tokyo in 1990 when Tyson, torn apart by promotional and personal problems, surrendered his undisputed world heavyweight title to 44-1 outsider James "Buster" Douglas.

And Savarese, an Italian-American, is a proven performer on the fringe of world title level who some pundits suggest has enough ability to cause an upset.

Tyson's trainer Tommy Brookes
"He's ready to take care of business"
Tyson in Scotland
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