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If I were prime minister

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BBC News asked people from all corners of the world's largest democracy what they would do if they were prime minister.

"My first priority would be solid waste recycling"
"I'll make sure there's less bureaucracy"
"I would fight corruption"

"I would tackle Pakistan in a tough way"
"I would remove all caste-based reservations"
"I would focus on developing Assam, my home state"

"I would to implement a uniform constitution for all religions"
"Any efforts by terrorists to disturb peace will be dealt with very seriously"
"I would make an all out effort to wipe away terrorism"

"My team would try to reduce the inequality between poor and rich"
"I would make rural India an attractive place to live"
"I would give more powers to the electorate"

"If I had any power I would use it for the betterment of the poor people"
"I would work for the education of children and empowerment of women"
"I would try to put all the criminals and corrupt politicians in jail"


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