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E-Ark puppet (Image: Matt Prescott)
People using their creative energies in the E-Day Ark can help raise awareness of the plight of some of the world's most threatened species.

Vegetables (Getty Images) Food figures need a pinch of salt
The idea that the world needs to double its food production by 2050 "is wrong".

Photovoltaic panels (Image: Science Photo Library) Time to close the global energy gap
Universal access to modern energy can help achieve a number of Millennium Development Goals.

Richard Leakey on human poverty and saving the gorilla
Environmentalists welcome the unlikeliest recruits
James Lovelock on Gaia's impending eco-breakdown
Wild birds make easy scapegoats for bird flu
Why the Earth's population is too high for comfort
Sustainable development is big but not boring
Hunting can help keep struggling animals alive
Conservation needs to go back to its grass roots
Simple 'food miles' may be missing the big picture

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