Cracking hi-tech crime
Hi Tech Crime
Page last updated at 13:40 GMT, Thursday, 3 April 2008 14:40 UK
Graphic: Internet
An investigation by the BBC News website has tried to find out the scale of the security risks the net poses to the average user. The BBC honeypot computer was attacked on average every 12-15 minutes.

The malicious hackers behind the spam, phishing and net attacks talk about what they do and why.
A series of attacks on a gambling website helped to create one net company that battles the hackers directly.
The rise of the botnet has given hackers more tools and computer security experts more headaches.

We help to explain the jargon and the buzzwords surrounding 21st Century cyber crime.

From tanks to hack attacks, a profile of Lance Spitzner, the man who started the Honeynet Project.

Botnet: Hijacked computers under the remote control of a single person
Blackhat: A hacker who uses their skills for malicious ends
Phishing: Bogus e-mails which trick people into handing over confidential details