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In pictures: Fernando Poe Jr's funeral
Supporters cheer as the horse-drawn hearse of former Philippine presidential candidate and action movie star Fernando Poe Jr. passes by a Manila boulevard, Wednesday, Dec. 22, 2004.
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Some 300,000 people lined the streets as the hearse of Filipino movie star-turned presidential candidate Fernando Poe Jr, known as FPJ, made its way to Manila's North Cemetery.
The horse-drawn hearse of former Philippine presidential candidate Fernando Poe Jr. passes by a Manila boulevard during his funeral Wednesday 22 Dec, 04
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His casket was drawn by a horse which co-starred alongside FPJ in some of his 200 films.
Supporters shout slogans during the funeral procession for former Philippine presidential candidate and action movie star Fernando Poe Jr. Wednesday, Dec. 22, 2004 in Manila.
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Chanting supporters held placards saying 'We love you.'
An anti-riot police officer sits besides a statue of Santa Claus as they are deployed in different streets leading to the presidential palace Wednesday, Dec. 22, 2004 in Manila.
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Security officials were on standby throughout the city, after the government warned that opposition groups might use the funeral to voice their political grievances.
Supporters and relatives carry the coffin bearing the remains of the late Philippine movie star Fernando Poe
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Before he died, Poe had accused President Gloria Arroyo of electoral fraud. The Supreme Court has yet to give its ruling.
Widow Susan Roces surrounded by priests and relatives sprinkles holy water on the remains of her late husband during a mass at the Santo Domingo church in suburban Quezon City, 22 December 2004..
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Poe's widow, Susan Roces, who is also an actress, sprinkled holy water over her husband's body.
Ousted President Joseph Estrada, right, tries to control his tears as the widow and movie actress Susan Roces wipes her tears during a mass for FPJ, Dec. 22, 2004.
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Former President, and friend of FPJ, Joseph Estrada was allowed out of detention to attend the funeral.

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