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In pictures: Iraq wedding video
Scene from Iraq wedding video - the bride leaves home
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The video follows conventional Arab ritual, beginning with the bride (centre left, in Western-style gown) setting off for the wedding as relatives look on. Associated Press Television News says it cannot confirm the authenticity of the video.
Scene from Iraq wedding video - the bride's convoy
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The bride's convoy then speeds through the desert in decorated pick-ups on their way to the celebration.
Scene from Iraq wedding video - the bride arrives
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The trucks arrive at the groom's family home with horns blaring. Women ululate and a single shot is heard as the bride makes her second and last brief appearance.
Scene from Iraq wedding video - wedding guests
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The male guests settle down for the festivities in a spacious goat hair tent. Men and women are segregated as Bedouin custom dictates.
Scene from Iraq wedding video - men perform a Dabkeh dance
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Muslim wedding celebrations do not typically include a religious rite - which takes place separately - what is important is music, song and dance.
Scene from Iraq wedding video - men in Bedouin robes relax and smoke
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The men wear typical costume for the region, and pursue the typical pastimes of water pipes and worry beads.
Scene from Iraq wedding video - singer and wedding participant (thought to Hussein al-Ali and bridegroom Azhar Rikad Nayef)
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A singer mixes praise for the bride and groom's families with improvised topical comments on the US occupation and bombing of Falluja.
Composite from Iraq wedding video and film of aftermath - an unidentified musician at the wedding and his body being taken back to Baghdad
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The singer reportedly died in the bombing, as did the keyboard player (pictured) whose body was later filmed by a TV crew.
Scene from Iraq wedding video - men perform a Dabkeh dance
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The wedding festivities continue until after nightfall. US bombers hit in the early hours of the morning, after their targets had gone to bed.
Scene from Iraq wedding video - children dance and smile for the camera
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About 40 people were killed in the bombing, including at least 10 children, witnesses said. Cameraman Yasser Shawkat Abdullah who took this film was among the dead.
TV footage of US ordinance at the scene of the alleged wedding bombing.
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US forces maintain they attacked a safehouse for foreign fighters and, until the emergence of the video, insisted there was no evidence of a wedding at the location.

'Wedding video' clouds US denials
24 May 04  |  Middle East


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