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In pictures: Faberge treasures
Coronation egg by Carl Faberge
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A collection of Faberge gems and nine Imperial Eggs - including the Coronation egg (above) - has gone on show at the Kremlin Museum in Moscow. Russian industrialist Viktor Vekselberg bought them from the Forbes family in New York.
Anniversary eggs
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The eggs were first commissioned in the Russian Orthodox tradition of exchanging decorated eggs for Easter. The elaborate designs culminated in the Anniversary egg, marking 15 years of Tsar Nicholas II and his wife.
Lilies of the Valley egg
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The Lilies of the Valley egg was presented to the Tsarina Alexandra at Easter in 1898. The miniatures - raised by pressing a pearl - show her husband and two eldest daughters.
Duchess of Marlborough egg clock
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The Duchess of Marlborough clock egg, made in 1902, was the first egg acquired by the Forbes family and was the only one made for an American.
The Chanticleer egg
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The Chanticleer clock egg was made in 1903 for the wife of a wealthy industrialist. At the strike of an hour, a colourful cockerel emerges from the top of the egg, bobs its head, flaps its wings and crows the hour.


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