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Last Updated: Saturday, 1 May, 2004, 06:01 GMT 07:01 UK
In pictures: New EU celebrates
Celebrations in Prague
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Fireworks crackled across most of Europe at midnight, including Prague.
Celebrations in Prague
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The Czech Republic is one of 10 countries that joined the EU on 1 May.
Fireworks at Zittau, Germany, which borders both the Czech Republic and Poland
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Fireworks exploded elsewhere, with the EU flag raised proudly from Riga to Nicosia.
Revellers in Budapest
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In Budapest and other capitals, revellers were determined to celebrate their new gold stars in style.
A Polish reveller
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A Polish man crossed a bridge from Poland to Germany with a banner showing the flags of all 25 EU members.
Polish Army Guard of Honour
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The Poles also marked the moment with an army guard of honour. An anti-EU banner showed not everyone welcomed the change.
Celebrations in Nicosia, Cyprus
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Cyprus, along with Malta, has moved the EU's borders further out into the Mediterranean.
Concert outside the Schauspielhaus Theatre, Berlin
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Germany, the old EU's biggest state, welcomed its 10 new partners with a children's rendition of the European anthem in Berlin.
Celebrations at the Austrian-Czech border crossing of Guglwald
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Czechs came to their borders with the West to see them vanish on a truly historic night.
Fountains near triumphal arch, Moscow
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The entry of Russia's erstwhile satellites into the EU was barely reported in Moscow, quietly preparing for its May holiday season.

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