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In pictures: History of a carnival
Carnival from the 1960s
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The Notting Hill Carnival grew from a children's street party in 1964, organised to raise spirits after racial tensions
Dancer from 1984
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In the 70s and 80s the most reported thing was the crime rate, especially after riots in 1976
Costumed performer from 1986
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But it continued to attract more and more people including politicians and celebrities
Dancer from 1988
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Despite rising attendances carnival was in financial trouble. In 1989 it went into liquidation and a new group was formed
Costumed performer from 1990
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The costumes have been central to the event with themes such as 'Angels & Devils' in 1990
Costumed performer from 1993
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In 1993 the theme was 'Signs of The Zodiac'
Children in costume from 1996
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Lilt was the first ever title sponsor of carnival from 1995 to 1997
Costumed performer from 2000
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In 2000, the event was rocked by the murders of two revellers
Policeman join the revellers in 2001
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There is always a high police presence ensuring safety and security for the million or so people who attend
Carnival dancer from 2003
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In 2003, attendance fell which meant it lost its crown as Europe's biggest street party


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