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Beck's Futures 2004 nominees
Tonico Lemos Auad's Drawing on Banana (Portrait) (2001-03)
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Tonico Lemos Auad has turned a bunch of ripening bananas into a representation of a human face, alongside other sculptures made from carpet. He made the picture by pinpricking skin, which makes it darken.
Fox Carpet, by Tonico Lemos Auad
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Fox Carpet, by Tonico Lemos Auad, is made from pieces of fluff.
Nicoline Van Harskamp's A Guide to Guards
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Dutch artist Nicoline Van Harskamp's work is an installation - using actual security guards. She explores the role of power and surveillance in society using uniformed guards, ranging from nightclub bouncers to traffic wardens.
Saskia Olde-Wolbers' Interloper (2003)
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Saskia Olde-Wolbers, a Dutch artist, narrates emotional stories over mutating, animated shapes. Her work, alongside the other artists, is on view until 16 May.
Haluk Akakce's Birth of Art (2002-03)
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The Beck's Futures Awards are decided on 27 April but the nominees are exhibited from Friday. The prize awards 65,000 to the winner. This is Turkish-born artist Haluk Akakce's contribution.
Andrew Cross' Foreign Power (Parts 1, 2 and 3)
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Artist Andrew Cross is a self-confessed train-spotter, and his work looks at railway lines in the US, mixing scenes of stillness with sudden images of industry.
Ergin Cavusoglu's Downward Straits (2004)
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Turkish artist Ergin Cavusoglu's film work dwell on urban streetlife scenes, often shot through curtained windows. His work has been exhibited in Venice, Istanbul and Berlin.
Imogen Stidworthy
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Artist Imogen Stidworthy's films mirror medical documentaries - they show patients with language problems each reading out an excerpt from Jules Verne's Journey to the Centre of the Earth.
Susan Philipsz's Returning (2003-4)
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Susan Philipsz, born in Glasgow, has made sound installations which have previously been shown in supermarkets, bus stations and art galleries. They feature the artists singing mournful songs to explore the relationship between sound and feelings.

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