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In Pictures: Brunel's hidden bridge
Brunel's bridge over London's Grand Union Canal
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One of Isambard Kingdom Brunel's first iron bridges was built over the Grand Union Canal close to London's Paddington Station but was almost demolished.
Brunel's first iron bridge was hidden within a modern brick bridge
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Brunel's work was hidden within a modern brick bridge.
A sketch which led to Brunel's bridge
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This is one of the sketches which led heritage experts to the bridge, over London's Grand Union Canal.
The Grand Union Canal bridge is one of eight surviving Brunel bridges
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It is the earliest of eight surviving Brunel bridges in Britain.
A woman works on Brunel's bridge
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A woman working on the rediscovered structure.
Philip Davies and Dr Steven Brindle examine Brunel's bridge
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Philip Davies, Director of London region for English Heritage (left), and Dr Steven Brindle, English Heritage Inspector of Ancient Monuments, inspect Brunel's bridge.
Brunel's bridge is being dismantled and moved out of danger
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This is a sketch of Brunel's work, which is now being expertly dismantled and moved out of danger.
Workman dismantling Brunel's bridge
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Workmen continue the process of dismantling Isambard Kingdom Brunel's iron bridge.

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