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Last Updated: Wednesday, 3 March, 2004, 15:41 GMT
In pictures: Blasts aftermath
Iraqi mourners carry a coffin during a mass funeral in Karbala
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Shock and anger gave way to grief as Iraq began three days of mourning for victims of the Baghdad and Karbala bombings
A relative mourns a victim, draped in the Iraqi flag, of the Baghdad mosque attack
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Many relatives had to be physically supported as they said goodbye to loved ones
Greenery-draped coffins of two bomb victims in Karbala
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Coffins were carried aloft through the streets, with mourners reading from the Koran as they went
Giant posters of the Prophet Mohammed's grandson, Imam Hussein, are pasted in a Karbala square
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More than a million people had arrived in Karbala for Ashura, which marks the death of Imam Hussein in 680
Young child among women praying in Karbala
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It was the first time in decades that Iraq's majority Shia community had been able to mark it openly
Nasser Kataa, 50, receives treatment at a hospital in Kadhimiya district, Baghdad
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The landmark event ended with Iraqis treating the wounded and burying the dead
Iraqi police frisk a man at a checkpoint in Karbala
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While Wednesday's funerals took place in a comparatively peaceful way...
Iraqis shout slogans as a funeral in Baghdad is turned into an anti-American protest
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...tensions are high, with several Shia leaders blaming the US for failing in its security obligations


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