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Last Updated: Tuesday, 2 March, 2004, 11:08 GMT
In pictures: Karbala blasts
Shias flagellate themselves in Karbala on Tuesday
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Shias were marking the festival of Ashura with ritual blood-letting in Karbala on Tuesday...
People run on the streets of Karbala as a series of blasts take place
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...when the commemorations were thrown into chaos by at least six explosions
Explosion rises from the streets of Karbala
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The blasts could be seen far across the city
People on the streets of Karbala
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Panic ensued among the hundreds of thousands who had gathered in the holy city
A man is loaded onto an ambulance following a series of blasts in Karbala
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Rescue vehicles arrived to handle casualties...
Iraqis use a pushcart to remove a victim
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...while people used whatever was available to get the wounded to safety...
Crowd around a casualty on the streets of Karbala
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...but it was too late for dozens of people killed in the blasts
Shia help an injured victim to a hospital following explosions near a Shia mosque in Khadimiya in Baghdad
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A near-simultaneous attack on a main Shia mosque in Baghdad also claimed many victims
People attack a man (with bald head, partly obscured, centre) suspected of involvement in the blasts
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People in Karbala attacked a man they suspected of involvement in the blasts
Iraqis assist a wounded man from among the victims and debris left by one of several bomb blasts
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Many were injured in addition to the dozens killed
A dazed man looks around at the scene of several bomb blasts
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Even those not hurt physically were left in shock at the attacks


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