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In pictures: Kosovo burns
Serb church burning in Mitrovica on Thursday
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A second day of clashes saw religious sites targeted - here in the flashpoint town of Mitrovica Albanian protesters managed to burn a Serb Orthodox church.
Kosovo policemen in Obilic where Serb-owned houses were burned
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Similar scenes were to be observed in many Kosovo towns - in Obilic, west of Pristina, houses burned and Serbs were evacuated.
Albanian crowds on their way to Caglavica, south of Pristina.
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Peacekeepers had to use tear gas against large groups of Albanians trying to march onto the Serb village of Caglavica on the outskirts of Pristina.
Kosovo Albanian trying to put out a fire at the house of his Serb neighbour in Kosovo Polje
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It was not all ethnic strife, though - an Albanian tries to put out a fire at his Serb neighbour's house.
Sit-down Albanian protest in Pristina.
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But the two sides remain poles apart - Kosovo Albanians protest to demand independence as a way of ending the long conflict.
A Kosovo Serb waving the Serbian flag in Mitrovica
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Serbs in Mitrovica displayed their defiance and attachment to Kosovo.
Serbian youths throwing stones at the Albanian embassy in Belgrade.
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In Serbia itself police had trouble containing protesters keen to target the Albanian embassy.
A Kosovo police officer looks at burned out car in a mainly Serb neighbourhood of Pristina
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A Serb neighbourhood in Pristina was one of many sites left scarred from the violence that began on Wednesday.
Damage at a mosque in central Belgrade which was set ablaze overnight
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In Belgrade, a 17th Century Belgrade mosque was badly damaged as Serbs targeted Islamic religious objects.
A mosque burns in the Serbian city of Nis
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A mosque in the Serbian city of Nis was also set ablaze.
A funeral procession in Mitrovica for a Serb killed in Wednesday's clashes
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But those who lost their loved ones have suffered the most.

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