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Last Updated: Wednesday, 17 March, 2004, 16:20 GMT
In Pictures: Mitrovica clashes
Clashes in Mitrovica
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At least six people were killed in violent clashes between ethnic Albanians and Serbs in the volatile town of Mitrovica, northern Kosovo.
Ethnic Albanians carry away wounded man
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More than 200 others were injured as the two sides exchanged gunfire and threw grenades.
Injured people are led away as UN peacekeepers step in to separate the two sides in the northern town of Mitrovica
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The clashes followed the shooting of a Serb teenager and the drowning of at least two Albanian children in a river, with both sides blaming each other for those incidents.
UNMIK police officers take cover near the bridge over the Ibar river, that divides the northern Serb-dominated part from the southern Albanian-dominated part of Mitrovica
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Several Nato-led peacekeepers - who tried to keep the two sides apart - were also injured.
Two young Kosovars walk in a field as several houses burn in Mitrovica
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Two houses were reportedly burnt down in what was described as the worst violence in the UN-administered province in more than four years.


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