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Last Updated: Wednesday, 25 February, 2004, 12:24 GMT
In pictures: Morocco quake aftermath
Rescuers from the Moroccan Red Crescent search for survivors in the rubble in the north-eastern village of Imzouren
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The search for survivors is continuing in Morocco the day after an earthquake hit the north of the country. The rescuers include the Moroccan army and the Red Crescent.
Red Crescent rescuers and residents clear collapsed houses
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Local volunteers have said heavy equipment, sniffer dogs and field hospitals are needed.
Soldiers guard destroyed buildings
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Several European countries have pledged aid and assistance, but rescue workers have found it difficult to reach the most remote areas.
A doctor carries an injured boy
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Immediately after the quake the small hospital in al-Hoceima was overwhelmed. But after a while it became quiet, with doctors fearing that other casualties were trapped in villages.
The El Hobe family sit in the back of a van in Imzouren
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Many survivors were too scared to return to their houses for fear of further aftershocks.
An unidentified elderly woman protects herself from the rain
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So for thousands it was a very long and very rainy night.
Elamrami Mimou stands in the rubble of a destroyed house in the village of Ait-Kamra
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On Wednesday morning some did return to see the damage done to their homes.


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