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Last Updated: Thursday, 19 February, 2004, 12:36 GMT
In pictures: Ukraine's rescue zoo
Animals in Ukraine zoo
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Zookeeper Oleg Zubkov takes care of some 500 rescued animals in his private zoo in Yalta, Ukraine. Proud among them are a pair of lions.
Animals in Ukraine zoo
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Gosha the camel was found living on a beach in the Crimea after his circus owners went bust and dumped the animals they could not sell.
Animals in Ukraine zoo
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But zoo life's not hard: what could be better for the kangaroo than February sun and southern scenery?
Animals in Ukraine zoo
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Maybe it's the fresh air - or perhaps it's feeding time making the llama express itself.
Ukraine zoo
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It's not easy to satisfy the zoo members' appetites - but these trays of fish and meat should do the trick.
Animals in Ukraine zoo
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And one of the zoo's eight workers, Natasha Lishtovanaya, is at hand for those not up to solids.
Animals in Ukraine zoo
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The personal touch pays off for Oleg and his team members - the animals love them.
Warning sign
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But be warned: it is usually better to view, not touch, the animals.

Ukraine zoo offers animals hope
19 Feb 04  |  Europe


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