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Last Updated: Wednesday, 18 February, 2004, 22:27 GMT
In pictures: Iran train blast
The wreckage of the train
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The train had been travelling in Iran's Khorasan province in the early hours of Wednesday morning when it derailed, caught fire and then exploded, killing up to 295 people.
The wreckage of the train
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The train's cargo of sulphur, petrol, fertilisers and cotton wool proved a lethal combination - the blast may have been caused by fumes.
Iranian firefighter trains hose on wreckage
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The blast happened just as firefighters had almost quenched the fire - it is feared many of them are among the dead.
Firemen carry a victim away from the burning debris
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Firefighters and rescue teams rushed in to carry the victims away to safety.
Injured Iranians sit at the site of the blast
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...some of the injured were left completely disoriented.
The wreckage of the train
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Some reports suggested that earth tremors had caused the train wagons to come loose or jump the tracks.
Wide shot showing smoke rising from wreckage and damaged nearby villages
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The blast also caused devastation in nearby villages - its sheer force shattered windows more than 10km (six miles) away.
Train wreck blazes by damaged Iranian homes
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Iranian media said dozens of families remained buried in the rubble of their homes...
Wreckage of train
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... and scores of senior local officials and politicians are also thought to have perished in the disaster.

The BBC's Bridget Kendall
"Whole villages were crushed and smashed to pieces"

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