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Last Updated: Tuesday, 24 February, 2004, 00:01 GMT
In pictures: Haiti uprising
A woman shouts in front of the Heroes Monument as she participates in a rally of the new National Resistance Front To Liberate Haiti in Gonaives
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The revolt began in the western city of Gonaives - now held by the rebels.
Rebel leaders Buteur Metayer (right) and Charles Blain (centre) walk in Gonaives
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International mediators have been trying to broker a peace deal, but armed rebels are not involved in the talks.
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There were scenes of anarchy as the rebels poured into Haiti's second city, Cap-Haitien, on Sunday.
Rebel drinks a bottle of Coke in Cap-Haitien police station
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Fighters stormed a police station, a symbol of President Aristide's rule...
Cap-Haitien police station in flames
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... before reportedly freeing prisoners and burning the building down.
Cap-Haitien resident embraces rebel
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Many Cap-Haitien residents welcomed the rebels with open arms...
Looters in Cap-Haitien raise their hands as an armed rebel warns off looting
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... but others quickly turned to looting, before being warned off by armed rebels.
Stone-throwing demonstrators attack Aristide supporters
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At least 70 people have been killed in clashes across Haiti since September.
Haitian policemen taking a break
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The effort to contain the unrest has taken its toll on the Haitian police force.
Man prays during anti-Aristide protest
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Opponents of President Aristide accuse him of disregarding civil rights and failing to alleviate Haiti's chronic poverty...
Girl carrying water supplies crosses roadblock made of stones in Port-au-Prince
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... and now in the capital, Port-au-Prince, crude roadblocks are being set up in anticipation of an attack by rebels.
Ambulance drives through roadblock in Gonaives
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Meanwhile, emergency services are finding it difficult to deliver supplies to rebel-held areas such as Gonaives.

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