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In pictures: Asahara's day of judgment
People queue in Hibiya Park near the Tokyo District Court to try and get a seat
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Thousands of people queued up to try and get a seat in court
A police vehicle reportedly carrying former cult leader Shoko Asahara
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Asahara's arrival for the verdict marked the beginning of the end of an eight-year-long trial
Artists' sketch of Aum Shinrikyo cult leader Shoko Asahara
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Shoko Asahara sat passively and silent as the verdict was read out
Asahara at the time of his arrest in 1995
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He was arrested in 1995 after the sarin gas attack on the Tokyo subway
The scene after the 1995 gas attack on Tokyo
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The attack killed 12 people, injured thousands more, and shocked Japan to its core
Chief defence lawyer Osamu Watanabe
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Asahara's defence lawyers are expected to appeal
Hiroyuki Nagaoka, head of an anti Aum association, is surrounded by reporters
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For the cult's victims, the verdict on Asahara is the end of a long wait
Shizue Takahashi, the wife of a subway worker killed in the 1995 attack,
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"I visited my husband's grave this morning and I came to hear the ruling with his spirit," said this wife of an attack victim


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