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In pictures: Graf Spee
Salvage crew raise the communications tower of the Graf Spee
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A salvage crew raises the communications tower of the German battleship Graf Spee, which has been submerged for 64 years.
A computer image of the ship on the sea floor
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A computer image of the ship on the sea floor, compiled from sonar information by the Graf Spee Project.
The Graf Spee in 1939
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The Graf Spee was hunting merchant shipping in the Atlantic in December 1939, when it was engaged by British and New Zealand warships in the Battle of the River Plate.
Sailors on the Graf Spee
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After taking 20 hits, the captain sought refuge in the Uruguayan port of Montevideo. Her sailors were glad to be out of the reach of Allied guns.
The Graf Spee in flames
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Under British pressure, Uruguay asked the Graf Spee to leave. Her captain scuttled her in the bay, to keep her out of Allied hands.
The Graf Spee sinks
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The battleship sank in waters less than 8 metres deep, on 17 December - Captain Hans Langsdorff committed suicide three days later.
The survivors of the Graf Spee
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The survivors from the ship were remembered in a series of photos either taken or collected by sailor Friedrich Adolphe.
Sailor Friedrich Adolphe
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Friedrich Adolphe himself is identified in this photo, taken after the ship's survivors were rescued.


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