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In pictures: World Press Photo
Photo: Jean-Marc Bouju
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Associated Press photographer Jean-Marc Bouju is this years winner of the World Press Photo Award. His picture of a father and son in Iraq was one of 63,093 entries.
Photo: Noel Quidu
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First prize in the "Spot News Stories" section of the contest went to French photographer Noel Quidu of Gamma whose picture shows a woman carrying an injured child in Liberia.
Photo: Philip Blenkinsop
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Philip Blenkinsop of Vu agency was working for Time Asia when he took this image of Hmong guerrillas in Laos which gained first place in the "People in the News" category.
Photo: Lu Guang
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Photographer Lu Guang won first prize in the Contemporary Issues section with his series of photos in an Aids village in Henan province, China.
Photo: Carolyn Cole
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As expected many of the winning pictures were taken in Iraq. This one is by American photographer Carolyn Cole of the Los Angeles Times.
Photo: Erik Refner
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As well as news stories the awards cover "Daily Life" for which Danish photographer Erik Refner was awarded second prize for pictures of rockabillies...
Photo: Bruno Stevens
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...with first prize going to Bruno Stevens of Belgium for this picture of a cafe in Rashid Street, Baghdad, Iraq
Photo: Adam Nadel
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First prize in the Sports features section was awarded for this picture of a Sierra Leone amputee soccer team by Adam Nadel working for The Christian Science Monitor...
Photo Craig Golding
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...whilst Australian photographer Craig Golding picked up third place.
Photo: Jan Banning
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This picture of an Indian bureaucrat helped Jan Banning win first prize in the "Portraits Stories" category. The World Press Photo exhibition can be seen at various locations around the world in the coming year.

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