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In pictures: Lichtenstein at the Hayward
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Roy Lichtenstein's pop art images burst onto the New York art scene in 1961, and he is now having his first major retrospective for 35 years at London's Hayward Gallery.
Kiss V (1964)
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Lichtenstein specialised in taking images from advertisements and comic books like 'Heart Throb' and transferring the images to canvas, cropping and simplifying the forms.
Half Face with Collar (1963)
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His most distinctive element was the inclusion of the "Benday dots" that were used to reproduce colour in mechanical printing processes.
Image Duplicator (1963)
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Roy Lichtenstein used humour to comment on the role of art and his rigorous copying and reworking of ordinary objects.
In the Car (1963)
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His use of bright colours and flat surfaces led to a distinctive style, but he always said he was interested purely in the form and not the content of his paintings.
Masterpiece (1962)
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Lichtenstein used irony to comment on the fame that suddenly overtook those who were adopted by New York art dealers soon after the launch of the pop art movement.
Girl with Tear III (1977)
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Lichtenstein's work became increasingly abstract and surrealist in later years, with the influences of Picasso and Dali evident in his Girl with a Tear.
Portrait (1977)
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The humour in his paintings is partly derived from earlier, Dadaist experiments with found objects, and also from his involvement in the 'happenings' of the 1960s
Bathroom (1961)
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His interest in graphics led him to use the simple outlines, for example in this advertisement for bathroom fittings.
Art (1962)
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Roy Lichtensein was successful because he challenged our very notion of art, forcing us to re-engage with images and their meanings. BBC Four will screen the documentary Lichtenstein: Pop Idol on 1 March at 2340 GMT.


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