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Last Updated: Wednesday, 11 February, 2004, 10:27 GMT
In pictures: Iraqi 'colluders' attacked
Iraqi injured in the attack
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About 300 Iraqis were waiting outside the recruitment centre in Baghdad, volunteering to join the country's new army.
US military investigate the wreckage of the vehicle used in the attack.
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A car packed with up to 225kg of explosives drove straight to the line and mayhem followed.
US troops check ambulances going to the scene of the attack.
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Ambulances rushed to the scene - some returning to hospital with body bags.
Relatives of victims cry over a body at the Iskandariya hospital
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With 50 Iraqi policemen killed in a similar incident on Tuesday, the past 24 hours have become one of the bloodiest since the war ended.
A doctor examines Shihab Ahmed, 22, who was wounded in the attack
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Local hospitals are coming under strain as they try to cope - many of Tuesday's victims in Iskandariya had to be sent elsewhere.
A US soldier and Iraqi policemen inspect the site of the attack
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A Baghdad police official said the engine number of the vehicle used in Tuesday's attack indicated it used to belong to a former Iraqi intelligence officer in Saddam Hussein's regime.
Iraqis explore the scene of the police station blast in Iskandariya
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After the attack dozens of angry residents stormed the wrecked police station at Iskandariya.


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