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Citigroup Photography Prize 2004
From the series What we Bought: The New World (Scenes from the Denver Metropolitan Area), 1970-1974.
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Now in its eighth year, the Citigroup Photography Prize is one of the most prestigious international arts awards. (Photo: Robert Adams)
From the series What we Bought: The New World (Scenes from the Denver Metropolitan Area), 1970-1974.
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Robert Adams describes his photographs as recording "what we purchased, what we paid, and what we could not buy. They document a separation from ourselves, and in turn from the natural world that we professed to love." (Photo: Robert Adams)
Untitled, 2002-2003.
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This year there were over 80 nominations from which a jury has selected four finalists whose work has made a significant contribution to the medium of photography in the past year. (Photo: Peter Fraser)
Untitled, 2002-2003.
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Photographer Peter Fraser photographs ordinary objects and is "trying to understand what the world around him is made of through the act of photographing it." (Photo: Peter Fraser)
'Boss Boy', Battery Reef, Randfontein Estates Gold Mine. 1966.
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David Goldblatt's photographs reflect on the changes in South Africa... (Photo: David Goldblatt)
House with two sandbags wired together to keep the roof down, near Phuthaditjhaba, Qwa Qwa. 1 May 1989.
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..."My photography became a political enquiry, an interest in real things. My concern was not to make 'interesting photographs' but to probe the immediate world I lived in" he says. (Photo: David Goldblatt)
McLean, Virginia, December 1978 from American Prospects.
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Joel Sternfeld is a storyteller, he depicts American life and the blurred boundaries between city and wilderness.(Photo: Joel Sternfeld)
After a Flash Flood, Rancho Mirage, California, July 1979 from American Prospects.
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The Citigroup Photography Prize can be seen at the Photographers Gallery, Newport Street, London until 28 March and the winner will be announced on 4 March. (Photo: Joel Sternfeld)


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