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In pictures: A cliff rescue
Beachy Head, near Eastbourne in East Sussex
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The cliffs of Beachy Head are a notorious suicide spot as well as offering a stunning vantage point for views across the English Channel.
The coastguard vehicle and trailer
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Everything the coastguards need for a rescue or recovery operation can be carried in minutes to the cliff edge in a 4x4 vehicle and trailer.
A coastguard starts his descent
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A team member lowers himself over the edge, suspended from a rig anchored to the cliff top and roped to fellow team members for safety.
A recovery operation in progress
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The coastguard is winched back to the cliff top with the body strapped into a stretcher suspended from his harness.
The rest of the team at the cliff top
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The rest of the team supervise the rig and winches while police and the coroner's officer wait for the body.
Coastguard at the top of Beachy Head
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The recovery operation has taken about half-an-hour.
Coastguard with a stretcher
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The coastguard station officer decides who will make the descent, depending on the weather conditions and size of the burden to be brought back up.
Some of the Eastbourne Coastguard cliff rescue team
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The cliff rescue team is currently made up of 10 men and one woman, all of whom work on a partly voluntary basis.

On the edge with cliff rescue
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