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In pictures: Hajj
Muslim pilgrims on Mount of Mercy in Plain of Arafat near Mecca
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Muslims flocked to the Mount of Mercy near Mecca on Saturday, the second day of the Hajj.
Pilgrims in Muzdalifah
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They then moved to Muzdalifah, where they collected pebbles to throw at a pillar - symbolically stoning the devil.
A cart of fruits is placed next to Muslim pilgrims performing noon prayers at the Namira mosque at Mount Arafat
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Earlier on Saturday, they prayed at Mount Arafat - where the Prophet Muhammad delivered his last sermon
A pilgrim prays on Mount Arafat
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Islam requires all able-bodied Muslims to perform the Hajj at least once if they can afford it.
Pilgrim Habib Miyan
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Three benefactors funded Habib Miyan's trip - the Indian man's documents say he is aged 125.
Pilgrims praying in Mecca
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More than 1.7 million people - including 1.4 million foreigners - are taking part in the annual pilgrimage this year.
Pilgrims sit on top of a car outside Mecca
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Thousands of buses, trucks and cars were mobilised to transport the pilgrims.
Pilgrims in Mina
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Pilgrims are accommodated in a vast tent city at Mina amid tight security.
Saudi special forces on parade in preparation for Hajj
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Saudi forces are on high alert amid a continuing threat from militants.

The BBC's John Simpson
"The most solemn moment in the lives of two million people"

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