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In pictures: Prisoner swap
Sheikh Abdel Karem Obeid being released from Israeli jail
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Sheikh Obeid, leader of the Lebanese Hezbollah, is released from jail to be flown to Germany for the prisoner exchange.
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Meanwhile, the remains of three Israeli soldiers killed by Hezbollah are put on a plane in Beirut.
Elhanan Tannenbaum surrounded by German and Lebanese security guards
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They are accompanied by Israeli businessman Elhanan Tannenbaum, released from captivity by the militants.
German plane arrived from Beirut (in foreground) and Israeli plane partly concealed in hangar to right
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At Germany's Cologne-Wahn military airport the planes from Beirut (foreground) and Tel Aviv (in hangar to right) arrive.
Palestinian prisoners on their way to the border to be released
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Jubilant Palestinian prisoners await their release on buses at Israeli checkpoints in the West Bank and Gaza.
Palestinians being released
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They are allowed to cross once doctors have checked the identities of the dead Israeli soldiers in Cologne.
Released Palestinian prisoner being kissed by a family member
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More than 400 then crossed through into the West Bank and Gaza Strip where they were reunited with loved ones.
Israeli soldiers load coffin on Red Cross truck at Lebanese border
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On Israel's border with Lebanon, Israeli troops began the handover of remains of Hezbollah fighters to the Red Cross.
Released Palestinian prisoner greets Yasser Arafat
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In Ramallah, Palestinian detainees were taken to the compound of Yasser Arafat.
Released prisoner Eyad Abu Errob is greeted by a family member at Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat's HQ
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Many Palestinians feel the swap is unfair because some prisoners were due to be released this year anyway.

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