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Russia remembers Leningrad siege
Women cry at a Leningrad siege memorial
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Russia is marking the 60th anniversary of the lifting of the 900-day siege of Leningrad in World War II.
Children in hospital
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Leningraders endured bombardment, cold and hunger. Many starved to death. In all, more than half a million died.
Giant poster
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An elderly woman stands in front of a giant memorial poster in the city, now known again as St Petersburg.
Maya Rudnitskaya, survivor, with dolls
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Survivor Maya Rudnitskaya holds a girl and a boy doll, Ira and Yura, that she said helped her through the siege.
Searchlight light show
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To mark the anniversary, a light show symbolising air defence searchlights has been erected in Palace Square.
Light show number two
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The light show has been enjoyed by large numbers of Petersburgers, despite the snow.
Honour guard
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An honour guard at a commemorative ceremony carried torches brought from other "hero cities" of the USSR.

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