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Last Updated: Sunday, 25 January, 2004, 11:51 GMT
In pictures: Opportunity on Mars
Meridiani Planum, Nasa
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The landscape of Opportunity's Meridiani Planum landing site is largely featureless apart from an outcrop of bedrock.
Unusual wavy features in the landscape of Meridiani Planum
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Unusual features just below the horizon could be the remains of a fossil dune being exposed by wind.
Opportunity made unusual marks in the Martian soil
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The drag marks made by Opportunity's airbags show the Martian soil has a very peculiar texture.
Patterns made in the Martian soil by Opportunity's airbags
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As Opportunity retracted its airbags, it left bizarre and distinctive imprints in the soil.
Celebrations at mission control in Pasadena, California
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Back on Earth, project manager Pete Theisinger shows his delight as the first images arrive.
Steve Squyres celebrating with colleagues at mission control in Pasadena, California
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Payload principal investigator Steve Squyres celebrates as news of the successful landing reaches mission control.
Steve Squyres and Arnold Schwarzenegger at mission control, AFP
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California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger (right) was on hand to congratulate the team.

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