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Last Updated: Thursday, 22 January, 2004, 10:38 GMT
In pictures: Lunar New Year festivities
Children dressed as monkeys pose for photos at a temple fair in Beijing
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There was a joyful welcome for the Year of the Monkey in the Chinese capital, Beijing
Chinese burn incense sticks for good luck before tossing them into an urn at the White Cloud Temple in Beijing
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Millions of people visited temples to pray for good fortune in the year ahead
Scene at temple in Malaysia
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There were colourful scenes across the region, such as here in Malaysia
A department store employee in traditional Chinese costume throws dices in Taipei
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Shops were busy too, as holiday makers shopped for presents and bargains
Man with joss sticks at Dharma Bhakti Temple, in Jakarta, Indonesia
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Indonesia marked the festival as a public holiday for only the second time
Chinese woman in a Buddhist temple in Sydney
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In this Buddhist temple in Sydney, it was a time to reflect on the year gone by
Decoration seller in Hanoi
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And in Vietnam, where the lunar new year is known as 'Tet', the focus was on the year to come

Chinese hurry home for New Year
21 Jan 04  |  Asia-Pacific


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