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Last Updated: Tuesday, 20 January, 2004, 10:58 GMT
In pictures: Iowa caucuses
John Kerry with wife Teresa Heinz Kerry
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The night belonged to Massachusetts senator John Kerry who thanked supporters for "making me the Comeback Kerry".
Senator Kerry has his picture taken with a supporter at his campaign party
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He is by no means certain to win the presidential nomination, but Kerry's Iowa result is a real boost to his campaign.
Senator John Edwards at his Iowa party
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North Carolina senator John Edwards was also happy, having come in second place with 31% of the vote.
Edwards supporters at the Slater caucus
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Correspondents said the Midwestern state obviously warmed to his southern charm and positive message.
Rep Dick Gephardt makes his concession speech
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After coming fourth, Dick Gephardt announced he was dropping out of the campaign.
Dean with his supporters
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Early front-runner Howard Dean remained upbeat, despite coming third.
Pete Selfridge (r) and Mwitu Ndugu (l) adjust the sign at the podium for John Kerry
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He and the other candidates are already shipping out of Iowa to focus their attentions on New Hampshire.
Edwards supporter Alan Gordon speaks to undecided Iowa caucus-goers Roderick and Vannie Mae Brown
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Iowa's caucus-goers have played their part and sink back to obscurity for another four years.

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