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Last Updated: Friday, 16 January, 2004, 14:47 GMT
In pictures: Bombay forum
Delegates at the World Social Forum in Bombay
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Some 75,000 anti-globalisation activists from all over the world gathered in Bombay, India for the World Social Forum.
An Indian dance troop performs an anti-US capitalism dance during the opening ceremony
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Delegates from some 130 countries danced and chanted slogans to mark the opening of the six-day forum.
holds anti-US President George Bush pamphlet
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Many condemned US President George W Bush's Iraq invasion, describing him as the most dangerous person in the world.
Disabled people take part in a solidarity rally in Bombay
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Disabled people also converged in Bombay (Mumbai) to hold a solidarity rally.
French anti-globalisation activist Jose Bove (left) dances with a Dalit, lowest caste of Hindus
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France's radical farmer Jose Bove, who became an anti-globalisation hero after taking on the McDonald's, was mobbed by well-wishers.
Two Indian eunuchs (centre and right) join Indian low-income widows in a protest march
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Indian eunuchs marched hand-in-hand with the country's low-income widows.
Low-caste Hindus march in Bombay
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India's low-caste Hindus, or Dalits, made a show of strength to demand rights in a country where they are considered "untouchables".
Members of Peace Boat and the delegates of the World Social Forum (WSF) conference arrive at Bombay port
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Japanese pacifists, including a survivor of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima, arrived in Bombay on their "peace boat".

Activists gather for Bombay forum
15 Jan 04  |  South Asia


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